21 September 2013
Shqiperia Etnike
AUTOCHTHONOUS Clan is a Age of Empires: The Conquerors Clan mostly based Republic of Kosova.

We suppport Albanian National Football Team, with our leader Lorik Cana #5

AUTOCHTHONOUS because we (Albanians = Ancient Illyrians) are native inhabitant in our ancient land called Illyria before Slavs and other maggots came to our land and proclaim they are Illyrians despite the History and DNA that proves we are successors of Illyrians.

In 1880, The Berlin Ambassador Conference decided to give part of our territory to Serbs and Greeks,

After years of conflict (500) with Ottoman Empire and Turks, in 1912 our Nation declared Independence, but 1 year later in 1913 again in the Treaty in London world powers decide to give away our territory to Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece just to calm the pressure in the world of starting the World War 1, but as we know a year later in 1914 a serb killed Franz Ferdinand from Austria to start the WW1

So Europe's sacrifice of giving our territory didn't stop the world war. It wasn't stoppable.

After they gave our territory more than 100,000 ethnic Albanians were massacred and pushed away from their homes from Greeks in Janina. The same fate was for other albanians that were outside the current Albania border in Serbia and other countries.

We don't accept and don't think the Conference of Berlin and Treaty of London were fair to our land after receiving protection 500 years ago from Gjergj Kastrioti ( Scanderbeg the defender), who stopped 2 of the greatest Ottoman Emperors(Sultan Murat and Sultan Mehmet II) ,from invading the Europe. (At that time The Ottoman Empire was the largest military force in the world).

Therefore we believe One day after more than 2000 Years in war with Roman Empire, then Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Fascism, late Balkan War with Serbia, We Will Declare the Independence of all Territory who have Ethnic Albanians inhabitants, and was our territory before the unfair treaty and congress

Ethnic Albania Forever

Një Gjak, nje Gjuhë, një Besë

Strong - Proud - United

'Per ata qe dojn mu bo pjese e grupit!

ky grup ka qellim propagandistik n'lidhje me origjinen tone kombetare. Cdoher kur na jepet rasti i kallxojme vlerat tona si komb, edhe padrejtsite historike qe kena kalu n'shekuj. Mundohmi me marr pjese n'turne qe mesazhi jone mu perqu te ni mase ma e madhe.'
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